Hands on entity recognition in google ads: Build a lookup database (Part 1)

I already described some basic concepts of entity recognition here – today I want to show you how it looks like when you start using those concepts for your google ads accounts. The goal is to classify/tag all available search query data as good as possible. First we have to build up an entity database. This is very time consuming and an ongoing process. Of course you already have some product data you can use easily, such as brand names – but you will realize that with this approach there are still many unclassified words in your search queries. Speeding up the entity management with AI on user searches Doing […]

Negativation strategies for bad traffic segments in google ads

Google wants to drive even more traffic to your keywords by matching search queries that wouldn’t be triggered in the past. Their way to achieve this is how the keyword matchtypes work: Close Variants were introduced and exact is not exact anymore. This gives google a lot of power because they are in control of what “Close Variant” means.For us marketeers it means that we will see more and more inefficient search patterns we have to handle somehow. Here are my strategies for striking back: Monitor closely how google matches queries to keywords My guess is that there will be changes under the hood so we should monitor the system […]

Why googles smart bidding spent 339€ for just one click?

And why google is pushing everybody to use smart bidding? If this bidding approach is really that superior it would be very easy for google to take the total risk and provide pay for conversions. I was wondering why they did this in the display network – my guess is that they had to, because more and more people opted out completely because of all those fraud placements and clicks (but this is worth an extra blog post). Time to ask some questions! To get an idea what might happen I want to start with googles “in-market audiences”. In the background a model tells that the probability of a sale […]