The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can I make changes to Sealyzer Shared Librabries directly, such as Adwords Editor or AdWords Webfrontend?

Always make changes via the tool interface. Otherwise it results into change conflicts.

Question: How many shared libraries can I create per account?

Google has an internal limit of 20 lists per account.

Question: How can I test the SEAlyzer software tools?

Please use the contact form on this website to request demo.

Question: Which data period do you use for the Querylyzer module and how often are they updated?

The data of the last 365 days, which still generate current activity in the last 30 days, are used for our analyzes. The updates are made once a week.

Question: How do you determine the saved costs? What period do they relate to?

The saved costs of negativation refer to the last 365 days of the negativation day.

Question: How much do SEAlyzer Services cost?

We have a variable base fee depending on the account size. The individual modules have a monthly fixed price. We will make you a personal offer.

Question: Can I import existing negative keywords into the Querylyzer tool?


Question: Can I export the data to Excel?

No. The amount of data in most accounts is too big to process in Excel.

Question: In which type of match do you negativate?

Trafficrouting excludes entire search queries in Exact. Querylyzer Negativation Tool exludes search components consisting of one word in Phrase and two words in Broad.